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Get him out if you can. I put all the offender crabs in jail (the sump).


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I split an order of manano live rock with a friend 4 mos. ago. He cured it and has had it in his tank since then. He has had it in the tank w/o anything else the whole time. I put my share in my tank a week ago and have seen a little white crab out today when I was feeding. His body is about the size of a nickel and as I said is basically white, except for the black needle type claws. He is hiding in an opening in one of the new rocks. I have found a couple of hermit parts around and when he was out he grabbed at my cleaner shrimp as it went by. He looks like trouble. What do you think?


Experienced Reefer
I have isolated the rock he was in and the three surrounding it. I haven't seen him again, but hopefully he's in one of these.


Experienced Reefer
I have the same white crab in my 30gal but I have not been able to get him out, he lives in a rock on the bottom of my reef. Hasn't caused any trouble yet but as soon as I catch him he will be banished to the sump. In my opinion all hitchiker crabs are no good.

Just my .02

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