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There are some strange calcarious tubes in my tank. I will try my best to describe them. The largest ones are about 2mm in diameter and 2-3 inches in length. They are hard like a shell and perfectly cylindrical. They have a head that comes out of both ends. At least I assume it is a head. They grow very rapidly. At first there was just one about 2 inches long which appeared from nowhere. Then it broke in half and I figured it was dead. 2 days later there were 4 and 2 were about 3 inches long. Now about 2 weeks(yesterday) later there are about 20 large ones and it looks like they bred. There were what appeared to be about 50 thin tubes about the thickness of mechanical pencil lead and about 1/4 inch long. This morning, they are all about an inch long and twice as big in diameter. Also there are about 50 new minature ones. I am pleased that something new is growing, but I'm afraid that its going to reach plague proportions soon. Any idea what they could be? Sorry I don't have a digital camera. Maybe I'll get one for Father's day.


Holy crap!! Nuke 'em before they take over the entire planet. I've never heard of anything in the animal kingdom that can grow that fast!


Experienced Reefer
LOL. Well I won't do anything that drastic. I bought a magnifying glass, but they still look much the same even at 5x magnification. Just a calcarious tube open at both ends with some sort of critter inside.

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