It's laying eggs on the way down the glass. Not sure if I should try to get it out now while I have the chance or leave it.
Help asap please.. figure if I try to get it w/o just smashing the entire bunch the eggs will scatter. So, leaving it on it's way down the glass for now.
When I seen it from the front of the tank (it's on the side) it looked like a baby anemoe or flower polyp. So.. got the magnifier.. seen.. um.. nope.. Bigger magnifier.. Snail!! EGGS!!


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That looks to be an Aeolid nudibranch and something you want to remove as soon as possible, its eggs should be siphoned off of the glass as well.

Ever so gently but, gone.
It was so tiny in the first place.. no larger than 3mil. Closer to 2.
Sure hope this was it's first egg sack. Not sure what size they are suppose to be to lay or to be full grown.

Did a search on photo's of the name you gave and WOW.. there SHE is. ... 31.jpg?v=0

Thank you so much for your help.
I am not a poster but I enjoy knowing you are all here and help so freely.. thank you so much.


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Hard to say, most species of nudibranch have very specific food/prey and many of them (nudibranch) look very much alike, specialy in in-tank photos.



Ah, thanks, they just gave me a 'Nam style flashback to a zoa-linked episode.


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Nasty critters hard to see to, I had one like it a year or 2 ago ate all of my porites polyps off so I got rid of it to.


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Some nudibranches are ok (Lettuce comes to mind) most will starve and not survive long if one does not know what there feeding habits are.


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The bigges problem with nudi's is that they eat one thing. If the one you have happens to eat zoanthids, your zoanthids will go away, if it eats, acropora, your acropora will go away. if yours eats aiptasia your aiptasia will go away *yah". There is no way to tell just by looking at them at what they do eat. Most will starve, but if you get the right one with the right food source the food source can go away..


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