On the back wall of my tank where the bubble stone releases its bubbles trailing up the wall, It seems to appear some tiny whitesh sacks. I can not get that great of a visual on them but it seems like little egg sacks or something. I thought at first they were snails or slugs, but the are immobile. Then I thought they might be turnicates. Small ones. I don't see them anywhere else in the tank yet, but I have been keeping my eye out for them. It's inconvenient that I do not have any pictures, but I do my best to describe.


Without pictures they could be many things.
Are they hard or soft?
If hard they are likely of the sub-family: Spirorbinae (calcareous tube worms)
If soft they are likely of the genus: Sycon (sponges)
Or least likely they could be egg sacs of snails or a nudibranch.

David Mohr


Thanks...they are sponges. It is so bizzar how things just start to show up like that. kinda cool. I found this other new thing. a little pink blob. It's in a wierd location so I can't get a good look or a description. I think is may be another type of sponge.

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