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Hi - first post here.
Has anyone purchased live rock from Marine Garden (www.marinesgardens.com)? I'm shopping around for some LR to purchase this fall. Kind of want to avoid TBS because I've read here and on other boards you get too many gorilla crabs, mantis shrimp, etc.


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Hi xtoker,

Welcome to the forums, people here are very friendly and helpful, I hope you enjoy hanging out around here with everyone. I have never heard of marinesgardens before. The only concern I would have for you is how much they will charge you to ship the live rock. They don't give shipping price for their rock, and it says the price varies by weight. Since rock is quite heavy, shipping could add quite a bit to the cost of your rock. I have no idea what the quality of the rock is or what the buying experience may be with them, I just thought I would point out that you will want to have a look at shipping costs for anywhere you are planning to buy rock. Good luck with your rock purchase this fall, I hope it comes out great.


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xtoker":11ptjofs said:
I've read here and on other boards you get too many gorilla crabs, mantis shrimp, etc.
PERSONALLY, I like Mantis Shrimp. I think they are cool and they are really smart. As
close as you will get to an invertebrate DOG. BUT I have posted this very warning myself, so.....
My real problem with TBS rock is the ROCK, make no mistake. For what you get ON the rock, there are f
few better places to order. I have to be fair about that right off. But the rock is too heavy, and not very
nice once all the stuff dies. (and in this I do not mean cycling)
You get a ton of barnacles, which are really cool to watch feed, but unless
you are Johnny on the spot with the particulate food, they last about 3 days. Then it's just barnacle husks.
They are not full of Aiptasia, which I like. Well, they were not 8 years ago, lol. So I do not want to bash
TBS at all. But I have not heard of the marinesmadnes either, or whatever. Do a search here for "Live rock"
and "really nice" and "lots of life". You will find the right vendor. Plus, you might as well look around on
google anyway, sounds like you have the time.

Seems like Marine Gardens has a good deal, with just 39 flat to ship, but it says, and I quote "3nd day air" lol.
So you should have a really nice aroma going by the time you get it. If you order it now it should be OK, but
in the late summer, look out.

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