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So, I have an algae outbreak that has been going on for several weeks, and I would like to identify the type of algae (in hopes that it's not bryopsis).

As I understand it, you need a microscope to correctly identify Derbesia (GHA) vs. Bryopsis.

I do have a microscope and have looked at my algae at 100x and 600x... I do believe I can identify what it is IF I knew what I was looking for.

Can someone help me with some definitive answers on what to look for?

Is it correct that GHA will just look like a stem with no identifiable leaves or roots, whereas Bryopsis will have leaves and roots? I am finding it difficult to find any specific examples online, however. I did find this website to be helpful in recognizing the gametes, which I was able to see under the microscope:

I have taken a few pictures under a microscope of some algae that exists in my tank trying to determine what kind it is.

These were taken using an iphone placed on top of the viewfinder... I think they turned out pretty well considering:

1. The first photo, magnified to 100x, I circled what I think are the gametes in green and the red arrow is pointing to a strand of algae.

2+3. The second and third are @ 600x, showing a closeup of what looks like the female gametes of Derbesia or GHA:


4. This is the first photo, unmodified:


Looks like GHA to me... what do you guys think?



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