Are these just Blue Legs? We call them Hide and Seek, because our two year old was annoyed that he couldn't always find them. Hide barely ever turns up. Seek traded up to a much bigger shell about an hour after I chucked some in the tank. He's a show-off (or she?). Sorry, the picture of hide isn't great, I had to shoot it through the galss at an angle, and that's gross. Like I said, though, Hide rarely comes out.


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Here's a better picture of Seek, who came out to pose. Got some great snaps, but I liked this one, because his eyes, 4 legs, and claws are all (mostly) visible.


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Cool hitchhikers! Did you get the rock from another reefer? It's not that normal to get hermits as hitchhikers AFAIK. Sorry, can't help with the ID, I'm not much of an expert on hermits.
Yeah, the 60 pounds of cured were out of an existing reef tank,that was being dismantled. Though the owner says he had forgotten he had hermits. Said he hadn't seen them in over a year.

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