I just saw a strange worm shaped unknown in my ten gallon nano for the first time. And dude was it UGLY!! I mostly saw the side of its head and then it turned and I saw its face and it has pincers and short antennas just like a centipede. The face is Freaky.

NOT a bristle worm! Its body is as smooth as glass and it has no legs that I could see.

This thing was white, but here's two good lookalikes!

It dragged an asterina starfish back in with it so this thing is targeting asterina starfish. It's living in this dead branching coral head that's loaded with gray-banded micro brittlestars, amphropods are breeding in there, it's one of the sexy shrimps' favorite hangouts, and the green-banded goby and snails have no problem perching on it so it looks like the only things he's bothering are any asterina stars that go there to eat the zoanthids. There's lots of softer prey around, the tank is well over a year old.

My worry is what will this thing eat if it grows much bigger, its head right now is over 1/8" thick!

EDIT: I caught sight of a bit more of it today and it is uniformly long, round, and segmented like a millipede or an earthworm and it Does have legs. Short little legs line it's sides. And I forgot to say that it's pure white.

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