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Hello Everyone,

My name is Andrew and I am the owner of Advanced Marine Aquatics (AMA). I have been a member of Manhattan Reefs since 2011 and I have met some great friends through this community. I started off here like most of you – learning from other experienced members. I began this hobby at 8 years old and started off by tinkering with small guppy tanks. As it has for most of us here, this has turned into a lifelong hobby and passion of mine and I have not looked back since.

I opened AMA with the hobbyist in mind. My main goal was to open a store where the fish are healthy and well taken care of. I also envisioned opening a store where the staff aren’t pressuring you or giving you false information. We, at AMA, believe in doing things the right way and are not in it to make a quick buck. I cannot and will not in good conscience sell you something that just came off of a 15-hour plane ride to put straight into your tank. After working at other shops, I wanted to do things my way. Any real hobbyist can appreciate that.

My mission is to bring you the healthiest and most unique livestock possible at a reasonable price. We carry the necessities as far as supplies go, because let’s be realistic – everyone buys online nowadays. But if you want to learn about a product and receive great customer support, I’m your guy. I can place orders for my customers at below, or matching online prices on most items. We carry a large variety of corals, saltwater fish, and rare freshwater fish, all the way down to the basics. We also specialize in maintenance and installation. I look forward to seeing you at Advanced Marine Aquatics and supplying you with the finest product.

Thank you and I hope to see you soon!

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Old 05-24-2019, 07:20 PM
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Update! 5/24 SALE!

This weekend, we are hosting a sale on livestock. Come by, from Friday, thru Sunday, and receive 10% off all fish, and 20% off all corals. To all service members, current or past, as a thank you for your service, we will be offering 30% off all livestock - must have valid ID.

Clown goby
Helfrichi firefish
Purple firefish
Tailspot blenny
Yellow fin wrasse
Aurora goby
tricolor wrasse
Bluestar leopard
Diamond goby
Misbar true perc
Orchid dottyback
Black ice
Midnight clown
Extreme mocha Vinci
Orange storm
Gold nugget
Cleaner wrasse
Yellow eye Kole
Square anthias
Nox angel
Bicolor blenny
Coral beauty
Kupang damsel
Porcupine puffer
Radiant wrasse
Resplendent anthias
Randalls anthias
Exquisite wrasse
Hippo tang
Lemon meringue
Pj cardinal
Lyretail anthias
Starry blenny
Magnificent fox
Maculicep tang
Solar wrasse
Yellow coris
Bangaii cardinal
Orange spot blenny
Sailfin tang
Sixline wrasse
Candy hog
Bimac anthias
Peppermint hog
Majestic angel
Dispar anthias
Achilles tang -Eating and has been in house for 3 weeks-
Algae blenny
Black photon
Premium black ice

10 trochus for $20
Cleaner Shrimp $15

Lots of frags and corals in stock also More corals arriving tomorrow
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Advanced Marine Aquatics
1083 Willis Ave Albertson NY 11507
Tuesday-Friday 11am-8pm
Saturday 11am-7pm
Sunday 12pm-6pm
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