Bleaching pocillopora


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long island
My pocillopora has become severely bleached over the past month. The polyps are still bright green but the body is white. I am not sure if I have too much light, or too little light. I think it could be too much, but I'm not sure. I have a 90g tank with 2 200w LED one on either side of the tank. I also have a 50w LED strip. So each side of the tank has 225w, 450w for the whole tank. I noticed my bible tip anemones are actually hiding in the shadows from the lights, they don't come all the way out. This is why I think I have too much light. My pocillopora is on the sand bed on the bottom, directly below one of the 200w lights. Should I move the coral higher near the surface or into a shadow, is it too much light or not enough. I see a lot of people have these corals right near the surface.

I will try to add pics when the lights are on.