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Hello all,
Looking for some thoughts/options. I have a 65 gallon mixed reef tank. Very stable tank. Weekly water changes/husbandry done. Water chem is stable and fine. I have had this tank set up for about 4 years and have never had many loses. All of my fish go though a QT. So over the last few days I lost 2 fish and one is not looking good.

1) lost a one spot fox face that has been in the tank for about 2 years.
2) lost an algae eating blenny - newest fish added, has been in tank for about 2 months.
3) Hoeven wrasse, is alive but constantly laying on sand. Wrasse has been in tank for about 3 1/2 years. Bought mature so could be getting old.

To be honest - I did take blenny out of QT after about 10 days of QT. Treated w cupermine and Prazi. I do usually do a good 2 weeks but there wasn't much algae in qt so I felt like he needed to eat more. (might be the problem but since no visible sign of parasites on other fish it's hard to say)

Fox face was showing some damage to tail fin but seemed consistent with backing into rocks. Other fins were healthy. Always ate well no issues.

Wrasse has always been healthy- if it were wrasse alone I might think his time is just up. He has been w me for about 4 years and I bought him mature. However, since I lost 2 fish I'm not so sure.

I was able to look at wrasses fins closely with magnafine glass. Seems fine, nothin on fins. No white dots. Fins seem very healthy but breathing seems a little laborer. Very tired DOn't think it's Ich but maybe in gills where I can't see.

In addition I have another 8 or so fish- flame, damsel, 2 clowns, jawfish, basset, 3 cardinals. All have been w me a while. As of now all look good.

I have a bunch of mixed corals, all healthy, good growth.

Any thoughts from experienced people would be very much appreciated.


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happened To me been using hand sanitizer and other things to keep clean and put my hands in tank noticing fish looking sick now im going to put some carbon hopefully works

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