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What’s up guys so I’m trying to figure out the best way to run chemicals in my system and then I just broke down to remove all the Coraline algae and sponges etc. What do you guys recommend?

First of all should I empty out all the salt water and put fresh water in there?

And what chemicals what you go with, Clorox vinegar or citric acid?

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Queens, NY
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Water , white vinegar, razor blade and some open windows because of the smell while cleaning . Just did a 40g, 20g and working on a 90g…..lol


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Bellmore, NY
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In your situation, unless you need it done fast, I would start with fresh water and a scraper. You could then remove some water and add the vinegar (acetic acid would be best, but most don't have access to that - concentrated vinegar) This strategy will limit the odor that might upset the women in your life.

If you need it done quickly. I'd spray the coraline directly with vinegar over the course of several hours. Scrape off what you can physically remove, spray, scrape repeat as needed, then flush the whole system with freshwater.

Hope this helps.

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