IntelliBase Stations are available as 2 models; 1.5 Amps and 2.5 Amps.

On sale through Cyber Monday. Orders will begin shipping next week.

The 1.5 Amp model is designed for up to 3 Ecotech Marine Versa Dosing pumps and the 2.5 Amp model will power up to 6 Versa Dosing pumps.

The Biotek Marine IntelliDose Base Station includes 1 master on/of switch, 1 Ecotech Marine Versa Mount and an individual on/off switch. Each IntelliDose Module includes the base mount block with on/off switch that connects to the base station and/or another module. Each module is LED backlit to indicate that power is on.


Ecotech Marine and Versa are trade marks of Aperture Pet.

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