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I'm new to the hobby.

One of the most discouraging things i encountered over the last couple of months as i was beginning my path into the reefing community, is all the BS and contradiction you encounter or LFS's trying to sell you s*** you don't really need because you are inexperienced.

I read on another thread on here about this guy, and decided to reach out since I am literally 15 minutes away from him.

This dude is super cool and friendly and had no hesitation in answering my questions, that aside.

His stock is most serious I've encountered.

Not only does this dude know his stuff, but he's extremely inexpensive compared to other spots I been to. I spent 80 bucks today for frags that I would have spent 300+ at an LFS.

He recently just got a shipment from jakarta. Absolutely crazy beautiful (no other way to describe it) he still hasnt fragged his shipment, but he told me he was getting ready too soon. The pieces he got in are crazy.

Not only did I get frags from him, but he is going to hold them for me until my tank is ready (I am still cycling).

Experience visiting his setup is the best experience i've had since joining the community. If you are local and are looking for excellent frags at a great price, hit him up on facebook.

Highly recommend checking out Mark / Got Frags
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Westchester, N.Y
I wonder why he is not on manhattanreefs anymore ,weird right?

I know Marc, let's just say he's a classy guy and just moved on and went a different way from MR. Soon his web site be up. Right now you can reach him on Facebook. If you never got to meet him. I would say your missing out. There is no place that will give you deals like him. Besides being a great guy. If you visited him lately. You would feel like a little kid being in a candy store for your first time. . You won't find a better deal else where.
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