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Do not buy anything from him. He sells things with no intent to mail out .
He scamming people, and as of right now the NYC Police department is investitgating..

1) Sells item, gets money
2) Says item is lost from USPS, get insurance money
3) Gets double the money
4) Buyer doesn't receive anything
5) Buyer gets his money back, but seller gets twice the amount.

Also, I noticed that he's removed the ability to receive PMs just recently (I wonder why).

Just be cautious when dealing with Jason. I don't know him personally, he could be a stand up guy and I could be making everything up, but I paid, got a tracking #, NEVER RECEIVED ANYTHING, etc. etc.



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Jason is no longer a member of this community but I guess this thread could lead to avoiding him on other sites.

Sorry to hear about your problem... It really sucks


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I don't really understand how he makes money.

Says item is lost from USPS, get insurance money.

Everytime I mail something I handed it to the clerk to get postage and insurance.
How does he claim that it is lost?

Don't you have a tracking number?


I hate people like this Jason. Personally, I have never had a bad experience buying on-line, from e-bay or from a fellow reefer. However, it's people like him that tarnish the whole reef/marine community.

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WoW!!! that sucks. Its a few ## that scam people in this site. So far I'm so thrilled with everyone I've dealt with on this site. Kudos to all the repuitable members.....


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guys..ive seen people on rc bashing this guy too..i dont know why..i bought my lights and skimmer from him..and got a crazzzzzzy deal..i went to his house in the bronx..i paid for the lights beforehand thru paypal..went to his house..saw the skimmer..he gave me a great deal on it..and i paid thru paypal right in front of him..he was a kool guy to me..i deal with so many reefers on a personal level..all of you who know me know this..ikeep in touch with anyone ive done business with..so i really cant say anything negative about him since he gave me a crazy deal on almost new equipment..i saw the baby which was the reason he was selling..and i saw the tank and equipment..i even lost a deal on the reactor because he said he is going to ship it out..so i dont know what happened with everyone elses sale..thats just my feedback..if you have any questions..you can feel free to PM me..just remember..just coz something bad happens..doesnt mean it happens all the time..we all take risks every time we make a transaction..i only deal with people with positive reefer ratings..and i think thats somethingh we should all keep in mind..ok..no more talking..sorry to hear that to all those who lost $$..i just dont want someone who is a fellow reefer to get bashed if i got great treatment and equipment from them..


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From the RC threads, it seems like the only people affected were the items to be shipped.

But as a side note, it is not true that he is getting reimbursed for insurance loss. He will not get any money unless he can provide proof of mailing, proof of insurance and proof of value.
I know that you can print online postage with insurance and never mail an actual item out but your claim will not be processed due to the fact that there were no actual acceptance scans on the article.


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Hello Janey.. I'm no expert on shipping or ups or usps, or any of that, but your initial post has me a little confused.. My understanding is that insurance is only placed on an item once it is shipped.. Hence, you can't insure something that's not shipped.. Not only that but if something gets lost in the mail it is the buyer/receiver’s responsibility to collect the insurance, not the sender's.. So I don't see how he collects double the money.. And if you paid through paypal, which I'm assuming you did, why not file a claim with them, they are relatively good at resolving issues with buyers. So I guess what I'm saying is that if this person provided you with a tracking number that means this person sent you something, whether you received it or not.. And correct me if I am wrong, but if there was an insurance number then I think it is your responsibility as the receiver to check up on it and try to collect the insurance from the shipping company.. Items sent through the mail are usually F.O.B. (Freight on Board), meaning that once it is out of the shipper's hands the risk of loss passes to the buyer unless another type of arrangement is made.

Now if he somehow collected the insurance money and refunded your money, how does he get twice the money? That makes absolutely no sense.. As a buyer, if something was lost in the mail and the seller refunded me the money and chose to deal with the insurance option instead of passing that headache on to me, I would be very appreciative of that.. If he provided you a tracking number and the tracking number was a valid/trackable number then that means he sent you a package.. Unless somehow you are implying that the Post office agreed to scan a package for him as a package being sent and then purposefully lost the package? Is that what you are saying?

Anyhow, all that being said.. I don't know this guy Natal nor do I know you Janey.. But what I do know is that before we go around bad mouthing a person or their business or their reputation we should be very sure that we have been scammed. From your post I'm not sure how you were scammed.. You got your money back from the seller right? He didn't run with your money did he? As far as for the NYPD looking into this, I think that's bullshit because I do not see what there is to look into.. He refunded your money and dealt with the insurance? Did I miss something along the way?

I hope I'm not coming off as rude, I just get a bit disappointed with people when they bad mouth other people for no apparent reason.. And I guess what bothers me the most is when other people read that person's post and take the bad mouthing as a given fact without properly analyzing the situation or considering all the facts. It reminds me of that old "lynch mob" mentality or that old "lets burn the witch" mentality.. Come on people, read the post again, did I miss something?

And although I understand your post may have been written with good intentions, the adverse effect it could have on this person's reputation or business if it turns out to be false, IMO, substantially outweighs the possible good you may have intended. Now, if you were truly scammed and posted how you were scammed and were 100% sure of it and out of your money, I would thank you for this post, but that's not the case here.

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