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Hey everyone,
My name is Brien, 34, in Willamsburg BK!
I had a reef setup back in the year 2000-2003 when i was a youngster.. back then it was all about power compacts and canister filtration.
I am building a new setup (40B/20L sump refug), and am slowly figuring things out as i go!
Stand/canopy is built!

I have about 90lbs live rock, 80lbs live sand awaiting the 40B setup (currently crammed into a 35 hex) I picked up online from a guy in the bronx....

some things I have already...

Eshopps PSK-150 skimmer
Tunze 3152 ATO
CAD Lights NR 1 Pro - 3 in 1 Nano Media Reactor
MAG 7 return pump (need something new)
1200gph overflow kit
36" Wave Point 156W T5
20" odyssea quad 72W T5
Kent marine Hi-S Maxxima 60GPD RO/DI
10g quarantine tank

I also have a wet/dry system that came with the tank, its a Eshopps 125CS.... not sure what to do with this....

Anyhow, my question is about plumbing the sump/refug.... Is the 1200gph overflow, overkill?

the kit came with a template for two holes... as well as 1" bulkeads... should i drill two holes, or just one for the overflow? then have two return holes?
I suck at this part

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