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My name is Jen Lowy and I own Colchester Pet Shop in Connecticut. We are very excited to join the reefs marketplace with our own forum. We are a small family run store who specializes in captive bred fish. We are home to Tango the Tang, one of the first aquacultured pacific blue tangs from the University of Florida Tropical Aquaculture Lab. We also have more captive bred fish then wild caught fish in our store at any time. I am a blogger for and very passionate about all things aquatic.

We are starting to sell captive bred fish online.

Here is a list of some of our offerings of captive bred fish:
flame angels
lemonpeel angels ( waiting list)

african pygmy flameback angels (waiting list)

fortail blenny
stripped blenny
kamohara blenny
green mandarin
rainford goby
blue spotted watchman goby
yellow tangs (waiting list)

coral beauty (wiating list)

lots of clownfish
peppermint shrimp
molly miller blenny
And more that im sure I am missing

thank you!


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Here is our site.
I have a form on the captive bred page that you can fill out and I will get you a shipping quote. We have been shipping fish around the North East with priority overnight shipping on Tuesdays for around 20-30 for one or two fish. We do have open spots available to ship out this Tuesday and next Tuesday.


Active Reefer
For some reason the link isnt working for our site so We you will have to copy and paste it
I am working on the website to make it easier to order from and to highlight our captive bred fish. We just got in 50+ Captive bred flame angels that are ready to find new homes. they are beautiful, healthy, and young. They are 4 months old so they can be added in any number to your aquarium. Any questions please ask.

I will look into a marine betta for you

I will find a picasso clownfish, I know a lot of breeders.

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