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We had two deliveries of fish come in today. one was captive bred fish and the other one was wild caught fish. Some fish and inverts that we got in are:

Female Orange Anthias
Royal Gramma
Ruby Red Dragonette
scooter blenny
tailspot blenny
copperband butterfly
banggai cardinal
diamond goby
yellow clown goby
green spotted mandarin
valentini puffer
male blue jaw trigger
clown trigger
humu humu trigger
arrow crab
sea hare
fire shrimp
candy stripe pistol shrimp
bumble bee snail
trochus snails
blue linkia starfish
red fromia starfish
red/pink feather duster

captive bred

canary blenny
molly miller blenny

more captive bred fish we have now are
flame angel
cream angel
smiths blenny
stripped blenny
harptail blenny
kamohara blenny
green mandarin
blue spotted watchman goby
red lined dwarf goby
white spotted dwarf goby

so many clowns!

captive bred fish that are out of stock but we do get: ( theseguys have a waiting list)

yellow tang
coral beauty
lemon peel angel

multicolor angel
rainford goby
african pygmy flameback angel

Im sure i am forgetting more.

my email is
phone number 860-365-5275

thank you

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