Active Reefer
Aquatic Experience is at the Meadowlands in New Jersey. Come and check out some of our Captive bred Fish at the Cobalt Aquatics booth. These fish will be available on Sunday after the show for purchase:

These are a few of the captive bred fish we will have:
Forktail Blenny
Rainford Goby

Green Mandarin
Flame angels
assorted clownfish including:
Extreme Davincis
Black Storms
Mocha Storms
Long fin black Ice
And more...

We will also be at the Fritz aquatics booth selling our 2019 calendars that I made as a fundraiser for Rising Tide Conservation. Come Check them out, All of our fish and inverts in the calendar are captive bred.
Hope to see you there!


Active Reefer
I have 6 there and you can pick them up at the end of show on Sunday. Come see me at the Fritz booth to talk about them Saturday or Sunday. Or we can ship. The captive bred Flames are $100 each

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