MACO2 Starts Today!



Welcome MACO2 students.

I'm very pleased to say that we are "all set" and class begins today.

In case you are unaware, we have set up a MACO2 Students Page, which is a
central location for all your MACO2 resources. It is located at:

You will need to supply the login/password that I emailed you when you

The resources you will find here are:

Maco2 news - Will be posted in the right column

Discussions - Logs of the discussion sessions will be posted here.
Remember, our first discussion is THIS WEDNESDAY.

Discussion Board Link - To the private MACO2 Students Discussion board,
called "Coral Biology for Reef Enthusiasts"

#maco Chatroom - A link to the "quick and dirty" #maco Javachat page. You
will also see a link to our Access Page, which will take you through step by
step instructions for using a MUCH BETTER chat program called MIRC.

A link to the lecture page - First weeks lecture is posted! Lecture is
posted in Microsoft Word2000 and Adobe PDF format.

Labs - None posted as of yet

Texts - Scans of the reading material/supplemental reading material. Note:
The reading assignment from Aquarium Corals is posted!!!! (aqpg21-33)

Quizzes - None posted yet.

If you have any further questions, post them to and either
myself or Eric will try our best to help you out.

Cheers and enjoy the course!

James Wiseman
MACO administrator