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dang dean.. enough literature to last the whole night. thanks for posts though. now i know if i have any questions on "coral farming" to ask you lol...


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Fragging Monti Montipora (brown plate looking one)

You can move my post if it does not belong in here...

Today I attempted to frag my Monti.
  1. Chipped off a less than 1" frag
  2. Glued the frag to the back wall of the tank
  3. The frag excerted some (burning sensation) white goo.
  4. Performed almost full bucket PWC.
  5. Added:
    • 14 drops iodine
    • 2 drops buffer
    • 2 drops trace elements
  6. Re-glued the frag at lower level, but was unsuccessful and glued it by the hardened white goo.
  7. Attempted to re-glue mother colony but was also unsuccessful and just situated her on the rock.
On the picture below you can clearly see the white goo atop of the frag (top left corner):


Questions: what is that "burning" white goo and will my frag be alright? - Can I do anything for it?

Thanks to all for reading and replying!
P.S. Sometimes my photos won't show up in the post - please check my blog to see them. The post is as of 6/21/09


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Manhattan Reefs
Yonkers, NY
Fragging GSP

Hi all,
I have two beautiful colonies of GSP (Green Star Polyp) coral. One is large and one is smaller.
The question I have about fragging it: will be cutting a piece of a matt enough to grow a new colony or does that mat HAS TO HAVE a polyp sticking out of it in order to become a new colony?
Remember: the stupid question is the one not asked.

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