IDing anemone


New Reefer
i bought this one from a LFS, it is all white with some greenish look, have no idea which kind it can be!!! help needed!
other thing about it, it never opens when the light are on! i have a 200 l system with 6 t5 bulb [5 10K and one actinic] and no fish is disturbing it..
the intresting thing is when i turn the light on at night she is fully extended and then she is getting smaller and smaller few minutes after...


New Reefer
Looks like a bleached out Bubble Tip Anemone to me. E. quadricolor. Looks like it has lost all most of its zooxanthellae, meaning it is depending on feeding alone for its nutrition. I would feed it with mysis, every other day at this point. Otherwise I wouldn't disturb it. If it isnt sticky it may be harder for it to feed as well. If it will eat it will get much more deep color in the next month or so.