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Hey Reefers! Lets talk Chalice Corals!

Chalice are some of the most well known Large Polyp Stony (LPS) corals out there! They come from several different countries in the central Indo-Pacific region, where they are usually found on shallow reefs. "Chalice" is a broad name encompassing several different genus of corals!

There are several types of Chalice corals, in our opinion, they are one of the most diverse species of coral available! Each with its own unique characteristics and appearance, with new varieties popping up all the time! Their most prominent characteristic is, by far, their coloration. They range from vibrant shades of green, red, blue, and purple to pinks, golds, yellows, and oranges. Almost every color you can imagine! They also can have incredible, intricate patterns and markings, dependent on their species. Which can make for an insane blend of colors that is highly desired by Reefers! Check out one of the craziest Chalice that has ever been discovered HERE in an article on Reefbuilders! It contains just about every color under the rainbow!

In the home aquarium, Chalice corals can be relatively easy to care for, making them one of the more popular choices for Reefers. We keep all of our Chalice in stable water parameters. As well as moderate lighting, around 100ish PAR. Although some deeper water species, we've found, like very low light. Moderate to lower flow is common, but it's essential to provide them with adequate water flow to prevent anything settling on top of them, and damaging their tissue. It should be known that Chalice corals can be aggressive. They can have long sweepers that attach and sting other nearby corals. Use caution and give them some space when placing near other corals on your reef! HERE is an old, but great and accurate, care guide for Chalice on Reef2Reef!

Like most LPS corals, Chalice are primarily photosynthetic, and get most of their nutrition through their zooxanthellae. However, they can also benefit from occasional spot feeding with small meaty foods, such as mysis and brine shrimp! We spot feed most of our chalice on a regular basis, and from experience they are extremely slow eaters. They do not have huge mouths or fleshy polyps like other LPS corals, so they do take some time to mucus or slime up and retract spot fed food.

Another likeable characteristic of Chalice is their ability to have rapid growth, given the right conditions! This allows for fragging and propagation of some of the most stunning Chalice strains for everyone to enjoy. Making them one of the best candidates for Aquaculture! We proudly have carried over 50+ different Aquacultured strains of Chalice over the years, and love each new one more and more!

With proper care and attention, Chalice will thrive and add a unique and beautiful addition to any reef! Making them one of the most prized corals in our hobby, for any level of Reefer!

We have tons of Chalice available, and in stock right now on our website! Below are a few highlights of some current Shop favorites! Click any of them to shop instantly, we hope you enjoy and have a great weekend!


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