Reef Octopus NW 150 skimmer going nuts

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today I checked my sump for my 60g frag tank and there was foam all over in the sump, thats when I noticed the collection cup full with wet foam , the over flo tube popped off(good thing) and dumped it back into the sump, I tryed to everything, I opened the clean water dump off all the way and the same thing. Its water level is too high and I cant adjust it with the water exit valve. I took the skimmer out and cleaned it all nice but the same thing. Of course becuase Im leaving tommorow in the morning for 5 days


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how long has the skimmer been running? i had the same problem with my super reef octopus 1000, i had to keep it in only 4" of water and it took abt a week of running before it started to work.. also i had a similar issue when i got new filter socks, for the first hour or so after putting brand new socks int the sump the sump and skimmer filled with foam..


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I noticed mine did this when I used epoxy to stick frags on rocks.... Went away fairly quick though. Do anything new to tank