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So my aquarium is up and running and I have been interested in getting a calcium reactor before I begin to add any SPS Corals to my system. So I don't normally concentrate too much on price when purchasing equipment. But this thought just came into my mind and I can't seem to shake it to justify the price.

Calcium Reactor A has a size specification of L: 7 1/8" x W: 5 1/2" x H: 19 3/4" and is rated for 120 gallons of water.

Calcium Reactor B has a size specification of L: 8 1/2" W: 6" H: 19 3/4" and is rated for 290 gallons of water.

So the both use the same pump design and the only difference is the size. So my thinking is such. The difference in size is L: 1 3/8" x W: 1 1/2" x H: None. So does having that little but more media really mean anything? I mean the reactor is going to release only as much calcium rich media as we configure it for. Then only problem I see would be that I would have to change the media more often. So is convenience really worth an additional $600 more? Let me know if my conclusion seems totally wrong.


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All i can say MTC Calcium Reactors have great reviews, solid, great customer service, great products, in your case may need the Mini ( up to 200 Gal.) i use to have few, i also got the big one, you may find use in this forum, great prices.

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IMO purchase a larger reactor in the case you decide to up grade later on. The hobby grade reactor aren't very efficient . I just upgraded my mtc to a Aquarium Engineering unit made by Bill Wann. You can find his products on face book. Built like a tank and can be built to your liking and needs .