Jebao to apex adapter


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Once you plug it in to the apex/jebao adapter, use ethernet to connect the adapter to apex (any regular ethernet will do). Use the power adapter from jebao to go to the adapter as well.
Depending on which slot you connect on the apex, you need to figure out which ports you're connecting to. V1/V2 or V3/V4 which is left ports or right ports on the apex
Its pretty much trial and error for V1 or V2
On your apex outlet for the var speed ports, you can test it out by turning them on or off one by one to figure out which one it is.
Once you know which one it is, program your outlet something like this
If Time 19:00 to 08:59 Then RW4Nite
If Time 09:00 to 18:59 Then RW4Day

You'll need to make 2 profiles based off above
For the 2 profiles for RW4Nite and RW4Day
Choose Pump as Control Type
and if you want it to pump like a wave, you'll want to divide by 10 and choose a few seconds like 4 or 5 seconds (about half a second on/off)
Then you can adjust the intensity if you like from full 100% to 0%

I made 2 profiles so the night profile can be more slower flow/quieter