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i recently bought a cobalt mj400 thinking it would have enough power to pump water from my saltwater mixing drum into my sump for automatic water change. The site says max 23" head space/room. I placed the pump in drum which is a regular 55 gallon drum used to hold water and what not. The pump couldn't pump the water all the way out to go into my sump
Now my question is or shall I say where the confusion begins is how are the small ato pumps like the one that comes with the smart ato or the one I had for a tunze osmollator able to pump the water out of the same drum and into my sump but the mj400 can't?
Could/would a mj600 work or should I try a 900? I know a mj1200 would work but I'm trying to time it the same time or similar time it would take to drain 5 gallons from tank to refill


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the mj400 might work if you reduce the tubing size. Smaller tube=less water=less weight=might worky.
Think you'r talking about hydor smart level ato? It doesn't come with a pump. I've used tom's aqualifter pump with it with no issues. There are certainly better small pumps/dosing pumps around, and they'r certainly more expensive.

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