AI Sol White LED


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Manhattan Reefs
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Have my AI sols about 10" above the water, on a 30 inch deep tank, at around 70%. Tank is doing great. Using the pre-programmed Caribbean light cycle, so the blues are on about 12-14 hours, the whites around 8-9

If the light are new to the tank sometimes you have to dim or lift them for a week or two to give the corals time to adjust


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Port Washington
Yea I am using the basic light bracket which only lets it sit about 4ins from above the tank. I am not sure if the AI SOL WHITE has the Caribbean light cycle function... I spoke to someone and they said for my to check the intensity. I didn't see that either just basic % of blue and white. I will look through the manual. Just was wondering if anyone has them and what their settings are. Seems like everyone has AI SOL BLUE.