Opinions on the AI Nero Powerheads


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I got one - out of the box loud hum - and the magnet does not work well at all. I contacted Support - this is the response I got. Not bad for a $300 pump that you need to take apart before you can even use it. Nice.

Cade Shemanski (AquaIllumination)

Jan 16, 10:41 AM EST


Thank you for contacting AI! I am sorry to hear that! Can you please follow the video below:


This should resolve the noise issue you are experiencing. If it does not, please let me know!

Thank you,

Mike Riddle

Jan 15, 10:48 AM EST

Hi I just purchased to Nero's. I went to test out the pumps and they don't seem to be working correctly they both are making an incredible loud noise please see attached video I just received these yesterday and im not happy putting these in my living room.

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