Great Compact Wavemaker for Surface Agitation

Itchy Trigger

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I'm setting up a 75g freshwater tank and using some Kessil A160s to light it. In addition to the canister filters I wanted to use a powerhead or wave maker to create some nice rippling surface tension in the tank and get that nice Kessil shimmer going. I've used Tunze before for this purpose and they're great. But I'd like to get something super compact if possible. I decided to try a Jebao SLW20. I like the small size, but I've been disappointed with its performance. It didn't really do much in terms of agitating the surface. I moved it near the top of the tank and it was a little better but it tended to suck in air and make noise. So I moved it down and aimed it up a bit, but the mechanism for aiming this particular device is pretty lame and it's hard to get it at a sharp enough angle...

I see that Aqua Illumination has a similar looking wave maker. Perhaps it's a better unit? Reef Octopus Pulse? Thoughts? Suggestions? Recommendations?