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Trying to pick a skimmer for my new 30g setup. This tank will basically be a frag grow tank. I may put a fish or two in it, but maybe not. Tank will also have a 30g sump.

The remora's have had a fairly good track record, so I'm thinking of going with that for a hang on skimmer, but I'm also looking at the octopus skimmers as they have had good reviews recently. Noise is an issue as well so I want one as quiet as possible.

Any comments on these or other recommendations?


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ecvernon thats what I'm thinking of doing but from an ev120 that I know is too small for my 125 loaded with sps and lps . Everything does great in my tank but I know I should upgrade either bubble king or deltec ap600 I tried reading all the posts on this thread got to page 50 and gave up I'm gonna pass out


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I have a Deltec Turbo 1060S in sump skimmer. I now have a different sump and a room for an external skimmer so i am considering getting something else and selling the one i have.


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that will make a huge difference. that mesh wheel is no joke compared to spray injector..i ran the aquac 180 with a mag 9.5 and got great results. but when i put that ati 160 boy i got some smelliest nasty stuff out it almost made me throw up lol


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euroreef 135

my euroreef 135 in 40 bucks ive ever spent.thanks craigslist.bought this off some rich guy who set his tank up for 2 months and bailed. :lol2: this is after 12 hours of skimming


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isak im sure would work here.

this is such a great thread, however the only downfall is for most of these skimmers you dont know how big the persons tank is, how heavy stocked it is and/or how much/often/what they feed as all this will impact how a skimmer performs.


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My Asm needs a new seal and I was going to buy a BM200 but Before I took the dive, I researched as much as possible and a few posts in this site and others pointed out how expensive they are in comparison to others and the work they do. Now I am not saying that is or was my experience, that is simply the info I gathered so all roads led to Reef Octopus Extreme 200 .... but I can't buy it because while I researched it, I found a new one so now I have to wait a month for everyone else to get one and either complain Or Love their first cone skimmer the XP-2000. I'll keep my fingers crossed and hope my Asm holds on and that it is worth the wait...
Btw The Xp-2000 has been reworked since it's first intro. Here

This is how it looks now Click on the Pic. Here

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