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We are proud to present to you another one of our customer's beautiful reef tanks!

Tank - 170 gal
Lighting - Hybrid ATI Powermodule 12 x54 + leds and 2 led bars of Easyled on the sides.
Skimmer - Bubble King 250 Internal Deluxe
Calcium Reactor - Ultrareef with 10kgs of coralline sand
Return Pump - Deltec E-flow 10
Flow circulation - 4x Ecotech Vortech MP40Wes and 2x Jebao RW8 pumps

Fauna Marin Products used:
Zeolith media (1 liter)
Ultra Carb L (500 gr)
Reef Vitality (1 cap/week)
Coral Balance (3 spoons /week)
Color Elements Set (10 ml. of each split into 2 dosing/week)
Coral and fish food also by Fauna Marin
Ultra Easy K (As needed)
Ultra Easy KH (As needed)


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Senior Member
Nice tank Vinny

how come he runs Vortechs without screens:))) Also, i see you stated 12 t5s, is he running 2 units>? What size tank?.. reason i am asking cause my tank is 34 " deep and i think my ATI hybrid doesn't cover it..


Vinny@Fauna Marin

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Manhattan Reefs
Hi Mike,

Good eye! He says he gets even wider flow without the covers.

He's running the 12 bulb ATI Powermodule with led lights fitted in there and from the picture it looks like it's working well for him. :)

The tank is 170gal and looks to be almost 3ft deep.


Senior Member
Hi Vinny
Wow, interesting... Indeed wider flow but he can kill all his fish:)))

As far as ATI.. there is no units that fitted in 12 tubes... well, i never heard of it:) I remember FM use to make 10 bulbs units:)


Manhattan Reefs
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Brooklyn, NY
Very beautiful .I'm not really a "system" kind of reefer, but Claude at Fauna Marine def. knows what he is doing.


Senior Member
Marlboro, NJ
Holly eye blistering color candy Batman!!!

Does that torch sting other SPS's & vice-versa? I always wondered about packed systems like this, how is it that more corals are not stinging each other & RTN'ing. I had a 75g & corals would sting each other all the time.

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