Seriously thinking about trying my hand at breeding my Clowns


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Been a while since I posted here..

I recently helped my friend buy a full tank setup off craigslist. Really nice Guy who was moving and had to unload his stuff really quickly. Hooked up my friend with a sweet 75G RR tank with all bells a whistles.

As my friends plan was to breakdown the tank, clean it , paint the stand, etc... He could not take any of the livestock.

I ended up making a deal with the guy and got a bunch of cool stuff. With it came a Clown Pair and the BTA they were hosting.

The BTA was a bit brown as the tank has basic CF lights. Once it got under my LED's it turned ping and opened so nice.

Now to the point of this post...

The clowns have laid 3 sets of eggs in the last month or so.. all 3 "batches" have hatched into the DT including the latest one last night

Here is a pic of the darkMale:

The female is a standard Orange "nemo"

Tonight I will do a big water change and try to put a small piece of rock where they have laid all 3 sets of eggs. If they lay on the rock (it's actually of frag stone) I might be able to remove it for future batches.

Ultimately, I would like to try to raise a few batches.. I'll use this to document my experiences..

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