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Hi Frank,
I guess I'm not supposed to post a personal message on this forum, but I don't know how else I can respond to your now not so recent email. I've been trying, but my reply always come back to me.... So I'll put it here and hope for the best.


Hi Frank, Terry
I've been trying to send the below note to Frank for several days now and it is always
bounced back to me with the notation that the sender (me) is not "liked" by the receipient. Now I don't take this personally, but I would like for Frank to get the message so perhaps Terry would have better luck if it doesn't go through this time either.


Hi Frank,
Yes, we are all well, too busy, but well. We had 6 grandkids, 3 to 13, =
here over the spring break and are now in the recovery and clean up =

I would be happy to submit the article that appeared in "The Journal of =
Maquculture" to the on line Advanced Aquarist. Those articles came from =
the beginnings of a book on captive culture of marine fish that I =
started a few years ago. I did a few chapters and then realized that =
even if it was a really good book, it probably would not sell very well =
and that my efforts were better spent in another direction. Some day I =
plan to finish that book but not very soon. I'm working on a rewrite of =
the old Marine Aquarium Reference and I hope have that done by summers =
end. When that is finished, then I can rebuild my fish room and do more =
work on breeding and experimental aquaria. That will be fun.

I did tell Terry that I though I could contribute to Advanced Aquarist =
from time to time, mostly with articles that I had already written and =
published long ago (but with some update). I have articles on clownfish, =
gobies, angelfish and other topics burried in my files that may still be =
interesting. I'll start thinking about that and see what I can find.

Let me know what you need and when and I'll get it together.