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Not for sale yet. Just wanted to show my progress.


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A not sure but it will be like in a few months,
The bigger baby is from a February hatch so he’s the only one that made it, just like Nemo

Super cool! Can't wait. Definitely put me on the list forsure! Great to see a local hobbiest have some success as well be able to distribute the hatch to others. Cool story to tell at the end!

As for Nemo! Can't wait to see the markings on it!


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Manhattan Reefs
I was traveling today. And yesterday was the day I had to move the baby’s over to the tank. I was to late. The father already stated with out me. So the male take the new born into his mouth and spits them out. I haven’t to get a good amount.

I wish I could post video. MR has to step there game up I’m about to start my posting on R2R.

But yea from my last cluster only 2 made it I’m still getting the hang of it. Trying different thing.

They have a lot Rossifer in the tank, Temp, etc..


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