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Been in the freshwater hobby for 30 years and never had ich. I bought a new fish 4
Days ago and the very next day I had ich on other fish in the tank. I'm treating the tank with copper power green. The tank is a 150 gallon dose recommended is 14oz. I used 10oz because I have scaleless fish and they don't do well with meds. I also raised my heater to 82 degrees. Today I came home from work and the two new fish I added a few days ago are covered. I took them out of the tank and put them into their own sick tank with the same treatment copper power green. My question is had anyone used this stuff before? What were your results? Is there anything else that is better that I should be using? I don't want to loose these fish. One I have almost 13 years. He's like a dog to me. This is totally breaking my heart and I feel at a lose right now. Any help would be great thanks

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