zoos keep getting awful disease.


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this is the second time my zoos get zoapox(zoaid.com). funny thing is i don't know how it comes about. it's like little white pimples all over the zoo mat. the polyps stay closed and some of the mat actually dies off.
the first time it occured my zoos recovered thank goodness but not without some die off. it hurts me more this time because this time it's happening to my favorite zoos.


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do you have a holding tank ?

I took out al the infected zoo,and put them in a different tank ,did lots of water changes ,And now i have not a single zoo with the pox.

There is a thread on RC about this freaking thing and no answer yet to what or how it happens .

Also it seem to affect the green zoos ore then others ,dont know why but it does.


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I just went through a small out break myself.
I lost a few, but mostly all recovered.
I just left them alone. My cleaning crew took care of the dead polyps.

Good luck~


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scarf i will er on the safe side with this desease....I thought I had something similar and I immediately took the colony out, dipped it and fragged any and all polyps that looked infected/dead/stank, then did a 25% water change. I would be extra careful with this, cause if you're like me...you want to keep zoa's in the future and/or don't want it to infect your other colorful pieces.