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This is a last min deal for some. I though i didnt have nothing for sale but found a few nice things i can share with others. heres what i have..

Outter cHaos 3p $70 SOLD
EZ 2P $15 SOLD
Marry Jane :pimp: 3p $20 SOLD
Captain America 3p $20 SOLD
Blue tubs 9p $20 SOLD

1in Purple digi $5 SOLD
Wonder Woman Milli 1in $15 2in $25
Mini cOLony Cali blue tort $40SOLD
1in purple Slimmer $25 SOLD
1in Lokani $20

2IN Purple Gogorian $15 SOLD
2in blue chalice $10 SOLD

Since this is last min I will be making a list for who wants what, Please pm me with your choices and a contact number where i can reach you at. Also a name would be nice to haha.:tank:
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