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This article covers blackout preparation for aquarium owners and was originally published in Marine Fish and Reef USA Annual 2006.

Please see the full PDF attachment to the right to download the copy with color photos.


  • Blackout Preparedness for Aquarium Owners - Randy Donowitz - Pratt Institute - Manhattan Reefs.pdf
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Excellent article. I can not agree enough about battery operated pumps. That is what saved most of my livestock during the blackout. I'm glad you were able to pull off such a huge rescue effort. Really shows your dedication to the hobby!


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i currently use a computer ups battery on my tank in the event of a n emergency but plan to by a generator when i get back from Greece in three weeks. I live on Staten Island and even though I live near the recent affected area I was lucky


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Hey guys,

i have 2 ups' on my tanks.. one will run my iwaki pump for about 5 hours .. the other will run my seio powerheads for about 14 hours !!!!



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Lost power last nite for 4 hours, everything but my candy canes don't look good, and they were just comming back from the coral beauty nipping at them, lost the Acans I got from noodle and the christmas favia from deep. UPS worked fine with the pump for the duration of the outage but then petered out when the power came on, getting a fault beep and a flashing light and it won't reset. Guess I have to replace it now. :( The temp in the house was the problem cause it caused the tank to spike in temp into the 90's. Ice bags didn't really help. Keeping an eye on everything else right now but for the most part everything looks like it's gonna make it.

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