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Where do you guys order yours from? Vertex or the BRS? Only place I know of that sells it is gotham aquatics. If this stuff is so good I'm pretty sure there would/should be other stores/vendors selling it


Manhattan Reefs
Direct from BRS... their reward points got me on the hook! :eek:

Pretty sure it's a typo on Gotham's drygoods list. 1.5lb of ROX 0.8 for $24.99. Stranger things has happened.


Advanced Reefer
I was thinking about ordering from brs but I remember recently a thread about there shipping costs
I don't know as far as the price and size at Gotham but I know he sells out of it quick.


Advanced Reefer
If anyone has a cup or 2 that they can spare until I order and get mine it would be truly appreciated. I have no problem paying for it. I would just need enough for a 300 gallon total water volume. It would be run in a reactor. I wouldn't need the maximum dosage since they say this stuff is so strong and they say start at a 1/4 of the recommended dosage for the first 2 weeks. I should have mine by then

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