Removing Shims?

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Any1 know any tricks to remove shims from under a filled tank? Im in the process of moving my tank across a room and setting up new lights(mars aqua 165w). The floor is off a little bit, so i started shimming it today and got it pretty even except for the back of the tank which is against the wall. Unfortunelty i didn't check that first :mad:. Now i know i should have shimmed the back left and back right that are against the wall first and worked from there. Everything else is even, and now i don't know what to do. Im thinking about draining all the water which would be a huge waste of fresh salt water (not enough cans to store the water), and removing the shims, refilling and re-shimming. The back wall is off like 1/8'' on the left side. Does any1 know a shortcut for removing the shims?

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