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Good morning guys so i have an emergency i need help with my chiller just died out on my 220gal reef tank and of course now we have all this heat coming, what kind of damage am i looking at with my corals currently they don't look too bad, they still open up but I'm worried cause my tank shot up to 88 deg. I've tried ice packs and i have fans on but the humidity in the room is just too high. will i loose my corals I'm trying to get my chiller back up but probably wont happen til at least next monday please help me should i prepare for the worse or will they be okay, i have mostly monti caps and a few bird nests thanks for any advice


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lots of windows but no ac in that room i placed a fan in the window to try to and get the humidity out
Don't cool it too fast, the key is a slow change. You could try picking up a small ac unit to fit in a window and have it as a backup if the chiller fails again. I maintain my tank temp with a window unit. It's energy star rated plus it controls the humidity. I'm running a440 gallon like this. A buddy of mine from work lost his tank the same way as what your going through now.
Hopefully you caught it in time. Good luck


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short term emergency cooling: clean the outside of a plastic water bottle. fill it almost full, leaving room for expansion. replace cap and put in freezer. when frozen, drop it in tank to help lower temp. not very precise but should help in an emergency

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