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AA just opened up last Saturday, it's located in Garden City (Long Island) off of Glen Cove Road. It actually seems like a decent place although their prices on corals seems a bit high. If you buy anything now you get one year free membership, you also get 25 percent off of all corals, fish, etc with the one year membership. Check it out if you have time.

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Queens, NY
The setup is very nice. The quantity and variety of dry goods is excellent. the salepeople are very nice. prices for fish are just a bit steep, but comparable to the LFS in Patchogue or the Northern Aquarium at Northern and Main. They have a huge selection of saltwater fish
Much more than New World or Fishtown. I personally like it very much and plan to go there from now on. Can't stand Fishtown's customer service. They always seem to busy to help. (Fishtown I mean)


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