Dragon Eel not eating


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Hi all, I have a 240G tank with a dragon moray in it, for years he's been eating fine but the past month or so he seems to have completely stopped.

I can hold a feeding stick with food in front of his mouth and he won't go for it. I have tried squid, silversides and shrimp all ofwhich he used to eat to no avail.

Water conditions seem fine as well.

Two things I've noted, whenever he looks up to sniff any food he'll j-erk his head back while shaking it vigorously and move back away from it (like someone encountering a bad smell) additionally this week I saw him (for the first time I believe)trying to scratch the side of his head on the sand.

Any and all suggestions welcome


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DME are known to be hard to get to start eating, but you said that you have had it for years without a problem. I would try some live food, small damsels or Chomis, and see if he goes for that. It could be that he has something stuck in his mouth which is causing him not to eat, so try and see if that's the case. The moving of the head back and forth and shaking it when food is place in front of it usually is a sign that the eel is full and doesn't want to eat. Mine that does quite often but eventually starts to eat. i would check the nitrate level, sometime it can get pretty high and cause them to stop eating. The good thing is they can go quite a long time without a meal, so this maybe just a temporary thing.