Help with upgrading tanks

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Hello everyone I have a quick question I?m upgrading my Nuvo 10 that?s been up for 2 years to a 25 Lagoon. I moved apartments and the person taking care of my tank basically let it get covered in algae and aptasia so I don?t wanna use any rock or sand from my old tank is there anything I can do to speed up the cycle so I don?t lose any corals I don?t have any fish. I have an elegance coral I first received when I got the tank so I don?t wanna lose it help me please


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Best way would be to get the new tank up ,running and cycled first then move over the corals and fish some bacteria like dr Tim's or brightwells to help speedy po the cycle ..maybe grab a rock or 2 from someone wo have live rock from there system can also buy a few bio *****s and throw then in the tank that's ru ning now to seed the bacteria on them .then kkve them.over to the new tank


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hackensack nj
If you had to do it short notice, I?d recommend new live sand, few pieces of new lIve rock and using either nutrisea water or IO Bio Spira, which I?ve used with great success on nano tank same day setups, however I still wouldn?t recommend overloading the tank with heavy livestock, but should be able to handle coral just fine and monitor testing water chemistry every few days