Help Moving Aquarium...



Hi everyone...

I've read alot about moving my 55 gal FOWLR tank and I'm set to get things started...

BUT, comparatively, with the cost of the rental truck and guilting some of my non-fish hobby friends into a whole day's work moving my tank from the west village to mid town, is it really worth the effort?

Does anyone out there know if there's a service that could do the whole move and how much it would lost to re-locate my tank?

Any advice would be appreciated...

Thanks in advance...

lucky reefer

if you bag your fish and put your lr in those rubbermaid bin with you should not have a problem. try to keep your fish warm. you might have some die off from your lr but if you have a good skimmer you should have no problem


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Mount Vernon, NY
I've moved my 45 about 7 times in 6 years...(it sucked)... but it's not too bad if you do a few things to make your life easy...

1. Bag and place all your livestock in coolers... they will last in there a day if need be, if not longer if you put a little air pump in with them (fish). My fish lasted a good 36-40 hours with no pumps between a North Carolina to Chicago move.

2. Get a nice powerful powerhead, and tubing to go from your tank to a window or sink... that's the easiest method to drain your water, while it's draining you can easily collect your fish as the water gets shallow.

3. Move the fish and livestock and keep them in a room that's reasonably temperate... you can put your heater in the cooler if you feel the water might be getting to cold. I would also keep a few rocks in the coolers with them, it gives them a place to hide while they are stressed during the move.

4. If you can make water ahead of time in your new apartment that's great, use a trashcan with a plastic liner (trashbag) to store it... this way most of your water is ready to go when you show up with the tank. All you will need to do is set the tank in place, put that powerhead with tubing in the trashcan and pump your new water in the tank...

5. You can be the best judge to when to add your fish, I'd make sure the temp is right then slowly aclimate them.

6. If you can save some of the water you are taking out in your old place and move it to the new one that's even better... but I've done 100% changes on moves, it can be done with minimal loss.

Good luck, moving tanks suck, but if you take your time and do some maintence like cleaning all your pumps and stuff while it's torn down you can look at it as a bigtime maintaince cleaning!!!