Thinking about Exiting the Hobby


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Any thoughts on how to proceed? I am not really looking to sell off my livestock piece by piece, does anyone know of a service or vendor who buys out systems? Or is it possible to sell an entire system? I have a Red Sea 400L system. PM me with any ideas.


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i can tell you i sold all my stuff and i regret it.. hold on yo your equipment like apex, lights, skimmer etc incase you get the bug a few months after you stop. I sold everything and 5 months i was buying stuff all over agian.
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list live stock for sale, it may take a few weeks, but it will all go in the end. hardware is sold after that, there's no way around it, since no one will buy a complete system that's up and running, since they can't transport the livestock, unless the system is up at the new place. Think of the logistics of moving. you'll have to empty it out, drain it move it, fill it up again and while that's all going on, where are you holding the livestock?


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Start off selling live stock. Decide if you just need a break so hold on to equipment. Later on you can post and price. Your better off selling individual. But good luck either way you decide. What fish do you have?

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