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Anyone ever have this issue I have been using my Hanna checker to dial in my doser and been reading similar numbers the whole time. I get low on reagent so I order a new batch. The new batch is reading a full 2 points less. So I just did 4 tests with each old is reading 9.5 New is reading 7.5. Yes 4 times for each and same thing. What to do? Which is right?

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I always have a second brand alk test on hand. Sometimes that old reagent has been opened so many times and/or its expired or its been contaminated over the course of using it that you've been getting skewed tests. And this new reagent is more accurate.

Or the new reagent is bad.

Either way, Hanna will make it right in my experience. They replaced a reagent for me that had detritus floating around - apparently a known issue of clumping.
But get that second test kit. I have 1 for my alk and p04 (both hanna checkers)