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Where are my ladies? Please stand up!

Recently I was on a podcast with Jeff Hasketh and we talked about Women in Reefing. It led me to writing a blog about Women in Reefing and that has now led to a Live round table this Friday May 22 at 4pm EST with @coralvue - I hope you all can join in but also start a discussion here. Why are there so few women in the hobby, or are they just not as visible and vocal as the guys? Are you supportive of your significant other or family member if they are in this hobby? Any women in the hobby you follow for reefing advice?

Women in Reefing officially met at MACNA, spearheaded by Kelly Delavergne (you may know her as Seahorse Whisperer) in 2018 and stays relevant via a facebook group. Kevin Erickson, president of MASNA has been very supportive of the group from the very beginning.

Facebook event info

Spotlight on one of the ladies in my first WIR blog:
MASNA award to Karen Brittain was the first, (and only thus far) given to a woman. Karen is a Titan in fish breeding! For real.
She has bred some of the most difficult fish including the Bandit Angel. She's also bred the Lemonpeel (I love the mimic personally). Her accomplishments are extraordinary.

Who should I blog about next? I'd love to hear your suggestions.

Also shout out to @xeniaforever who writes for Reefs!
Here are some of her articles.

See you on the live tomorrow.

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My 11 year old has started to get the reefing bug, so I have been teaching her. Hopefully she will be in a future picture!

Her plans are for us to set up a fish room and a green house to breed fish whenever we buy a house. She likes to plan big!