Looking for suggestions on gravel (not sand) shifting critters.


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I have a half inch+ gravel bed(5mm sized crushed coral) in refugium/sump, which is where my fragged mushrooms and zoos live. Was moving something around and dug up a giant cloud of detritus in the gravel bed, Looking for suggestions on what snail (or other creature) I can use in there to keep the gravel aeriated and hair algae free.
Currently have a bunch of hermit crabs, red banded trochus, and dwarf cerith snails. I'm assuming the cerith sort of "swim" though the detritus, without kicking it up into the water column for my filtration to capture, or they don't go deep enough into the gravel bed.
I just read cucumbers can't consume sand larger than 2mm, so not useful.
Sand shifting star fish? I'm not sure what they do for gravel or detritus.

(If I was going to redo it, I'd put a reverse flow, undergravel filter plate in there, or can simply scoop it all out and rinse).


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nassarius snails work well imo, they dig themselves in the sandbed and when they detect food, up and about they go,